S2E02 "Coma"

Maddy’s vision of BOB climbs a couch in Twin Peaks Episode 9 and your host John digs into that, as well as how Cooper gets more connected to the supernatural when the Major delivers his space message, and why Donna may NOT connect to the supernatural when she meets the Tremonds. This podcast also explores how Twin Peaks residents react to the “Have You Seen This Man” fliers, how communication crosses thresholds, and production information like Twin Peaks reacting to its new Saturday time slot, Harley Peyton and David Lynch’s only solo pairing, and why “Just You” felt like a great idea.

0:00:00  Intro
0:05:07  Production History
0:08:46  “Just You”
0:13:39  The Saturday time slot
0:17:42  Log Lady Intro
0:24:04  Cooper’s connections to Buddhism
0:27:43  Albert’s task force role
0:30:20  Windom Earle
0:33:00  Audrey at One Eyed Jack’s
0:39:12  The Major’s message from space
0:47:52  Cooper’s interrupted dream
0:58:02  Thresholds in this episode
1:03:28  verbal vs non-verbal communication
1:06:50  Lucy operating a junction point
1:10:22  Donna and the Tremonds
1:13:47  The grandson’s magic trick
1:17:50  How Donna may dodge the supernatural
1:25:20  Ronette recognizing BOB
1:29:10  Leland has “seen this man”
1:32:55  Performing “Just You”
1:37:30  Maddy sees BOB
1:41:20  Comparing BOB appearances

Discussed this episode:
Deliver the Message: Thoughts on Twin Peaks Episode 9

Production by Mitch Proctor and Area 42 Studios and Sound
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S2E02 "Coma"
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