25YL Media and Ruminations Radio Network present John Bernardy & Elle Holgate in a spoiler laced, coffee-fueled, Twin Peaks podcast that dives deep into history and theory.

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A Song is Formed...(BRTF Theme Music)

...One Note at a Time

S2E14 “Double Play”

Twin Peaks Episode 21 seems to manifest everyone’s strongest fears, most notably with Shelly Johnson’s life taking on all the tropes of a slasher movie, and not even C...

Navigating Between Worlds: Understanding Twin Peaks Season 3

Thank you for making 2021 a giant success for Blue Rose Task Force Podcast! Here’s a little something for under the tree: an audio version of the 25YL article Navigati...

The Twin Peaks Podcasts Scene

What makes a great Twin Peaks podcast?  It’s a good time of year to shine a light on the wide variety of Twin Peaks podcasts, and there’s no one better to help John in...

S2E13 “Checkmate”

Twin Peaks Episode 20 says goodbye to Jean Renault with a stupendous monologue your host John explores for thematic and lore implications. Also, what changes did Lynch...

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