Twin Peaks S1E1 The Pilot

The deep-diving spoiler-filled exploration of Twin Peaks begins here with S1E1, the Pilot.
Hosts John and Elle dig into the origins of Twin Peaks—from Lynch and Frost meeting, to the production history of the Pilot. Then—taking into account all aspects of Twin Peaks from 1990 to 2017–they sift for clues in the Log Lady Introduction, and discuss a healthy dose of Jung and Kubrick while looking at how modern Twin Peaks does (or doesn’t) reframe the mythology of the original series.
What kind of presence is Laura Palmer? Who doesn’t need to be told she died? What’s going on in the Palmer house? Are there signs of other worlds? What is the deal with mirrors? Is Dale already in the Red Room? John and Elle lay one stone at a time to find out.

The following articles are discussed this episode:
My Dog Barks Some: Animalistic Sounds & Motifs in the Works of David Lynch

Navigating Between Worlds: Understanding Twin Peaks Season 3

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Twin Peaks S1E1 The Pilot
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