S1E8: The Last Evening

We’ll hand you a cliffhanger on your way in, because this week’s podcast is on f-i-r-e.
Learn how the cliffhangers were hidden from the network as long as possible! Explore co-creator Mark Frost’s filming techniques! How do disguises affect the disguised? Is intrapersonal alchemy already a thing in the show? All this, plus tracing how money is at the root of the evil, and observing how recordings behave and reveal their listeners.

This episode references the following articles:

Run Silent, Run Drapes: What Nadine’s Story Teaches Us About Trauma Loops, Trauma Healing and Trauma Recovery

Twin Peaks and Alchemy

Reincarnation & The Return, Part 3: Ding Dong Cooper’s Dead

Production by Mitch Proctor and Area 42 Studios and Sound

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S1E8: The Last Evening
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