S2E11 "Masked Ball"

Denise Bryson arrives in Twin Peaks in Episode 19 along with genuine lore about the Lodges and your host John looks into the origins of both of them. 
Then it’s time to ask if we’re watching a new timeline, or which characters could be in a wonderful dream and which are in terrible nightmares.  How is Denise’s portrayal handled? Is Nadine living her best life? Should Little Nicky maybe get a therapist instead of Dick and Andy? How much in common do Josie and Evelyn have? Is Cooper doing the right thing not looking at his suspension with fear? And can he say the same for how he listens to the voice of Windom Earle laying out his fate for the rest of the season?
Production by Mitch Proctor and Area 42 Studios and Sound
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S2E11 "Masked Ball"
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