S2E12 "The Black Widow"

Episode 19 of Twin Peaks is underway and storms are coming, but some characters are more prepared to weather them than others.
Your host John discusses Ben Horne’s descent via feng shui into a delusion as a Civil War general, while also looking into the influence of Ken Burns’ The Civil War on the storyline. 
More delusion is under investigation with “may be the devil” Little Nicky and “she’s a witch” Lana, and James’ storyline is more on theme with Twin Peaks than it lets on. Has Nadine crossed a line beyond just healing? Is Cooper getting supernatural assistance with his suspension, or just help from Audrey? And how does it go for Bobby as he tries to connect to father figures?

Production by Mitch Proctor and Area 42 Studios and Sound
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S2E12 "The Black Widow"
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