S2E17 “Wounds and Scars”

Twin Peaks returned from a hiatus with Episode 24, thanks in part to the fan-made organization known as COOP (Citizens Opposed to the Offing of Peaks), which your host John looks into. Much of the episode itself focuses on the depths Harry goes to when the extent of Josie’s crimes are revealed, And BRTF looks into his stages of grief and hypothesizes how Josie was only 65 lbs after dying from fear. We also look into Audrey and Cooper getting closer to their new love interests, a pine weasel attack, and the Major and Log Lady’s tattoos having some things to say about the supernatural. Not to mention the levels Earle goes to when he learns Cooper is getting help with the deadly chess game, illustrated by his visit to the Haywards.

Production by Mitch Proctor and Area 42 Studios and Sound
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S2E17 “Wounds and Scars”
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