The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

Please be advised: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer deals with issues of sexual abuse, violence and drug abuse.

We begin with a personal message from field agent Elle, then John proceeds into the book’s production history, Jennifer Lynch’s writing angles, Sheryl Lee’s relationship with this book, and how the book has been received over the years.
Then John looks into the different shown sides of Laura, how BOB and her fight against him is portrayed, and masking memories, before exploring members of Laura’s support system like Donna, Bobby and Johnny Horne. Then it’s time to look at Laura’s dreams and poems, the Log Lady, and how the book reframes and sets up the whodunnit in the television series.
This one gets personal, and we do our best treating this book with proper gravity and respect.

0:00:00  a message from Elle
0:06:28  intro
0:10:40  production history
0:14:25  precedents set for Twin Peaks books
0:18:48  Jennifer Lynch’s involvement
0:23:00  advantages to the diary format
0:26:09  reactions to the diary over time
0:31:04  Sheryl Lee’s involvement
0:36:34  different sides of Laura Palmer
0:50:18  BOB
0:58:58  masking memories vs battle with the devil
1:04:35  the diary
1:09:33  Leland & Sarah
1:18:50  Donna & Maddy
1:32:38  Bobby Briggs
1:48:52  Leo, Jacques & Ronette
1:59:38  Johnny Horne
2:09:52  Meals on Wheels & Harold
2:14:35  Dr. Jacoby
2:20:00  James Hurley
2:22:58  Jupiter & Troy
2:41:19  Laura’s dreams & poetry
2:49:19  the Log Lady
2:53:48  the whodunnit

Articles discussed this episode:

Bobby Briggs & Laura Palmer: A Love Story:

Sheryl Lee Voices Trauma in The Secret History of Laura Palmer Audiobook (and it gets in your head no matter how you look away)

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The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer
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