The Twin Peaks Podcasts Scene

What makes a great Twin Peaks podcast?  It’s a good time of year to shine a light on the wide variety of Twin Peaks podcasts, and there’s no one better to help John in this task than fellow Peaks pod fanatic Agent Ivy.
Find out which podcasts—from the early days to today—have noteworthy host chemistry, do their research, are completists, and/or have different formats than recapping. We bet you’ll find a few new favorites before this episode is over.

Production by Mitch Proctor and Area 42 Studios and Sound

The podcasts we speak about:

Twin Peaks Unwrapped
Sparkwood & 21 Podcast
Bickering Peaks (The Bicks)
Ghostwood Podcast
The Twin Peaks Wonderful & Strange Logcast
Creamed Corn and the Universe
The Twin Peaks Tattoo Podcast
The Red Room Podcast
Deer Meadow Radio
Counter Esperanto
In Our House Now
Lost in Twin Peaks
The Diane Podcast
Back to the Double R
Twin Peaks: The Gifted & the Damned
Dishin’ the Percolator
Same Peaks Y’All
Cooper Dooper Podcast
Damn Fine TV
Talking Backwards
Manners & Madness
The Hop-Ons Podcast
The Twin Peaks Podcast
Twin Peaks Peeks
Tome For Cakes & Ales
Wrapped in Podcast
A Twin Peaks Podcast: A Podcast About Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks Rewatch
Twin Peaks Revival
The Lodgers
Drink Full and Descend
Chopping Wood Inside (edited)
January 7, 2023

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The Twin Peaks Podcasts Scene
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