Season 2 ep. 1 "May the Giant Be With You"

Go deep into the production history of Twin Peaks Episode 8 as it kicks the supernatural mythology of Twin Peaks into gear, then stay for an exploration of the Giant and his clues, what happens when music is in the air, and what happens when you wear Laura’s stuff. All this, plus visions from Maddy and the Major, Audrey’s predicament, a thesis statement from Jacoby, and nightmare-creating memories from Ronette.

0:00:00  Intro
0:03:52  Production History
0:25:55  Log Lady Intro
0:34:56  How the Giant contributes to our understanding
0:39:25  In-between spaces
0:42:50  Repetition of phrases
0:44:18  Elderly Room Service Waiter
0:49:57  The Giant arrives
1:08:24  Cooper focused on clues
1:13:45  Deputy Andy
1:18:22  James Hurley
1:20:27  Dr. Jacoby’s questioning
1:25:35  Laying the whole thing out
1:31:40  The Giant returns
1:39:12  That gold ball of light
1:44:32  Major Briggs’ vision
1:49:30  Bobby Briggs and Shelly Johnson
1:52:47  The symbols in food
1:58:30  When there’s music in the air
2:00:14  Maddy Ferguson’s vision
2:02:30  Leland Palmer
2:09:05  The Horne brothers
2:13:08  Hayward Supper Club
2:18:51  Effects of the Mill fire
2:21:50  Philip Gerard
2:25:25  Big Ed doesn’t believe in fate
2:30:00  Audrey Horne, Prudence, and Ben
2:34:24  Maddy Ferguson
2:36:20  Donna Hayward and Laura’s sunglasses
2:47:40  Harriet Hayward’s poem
2:52:50  Ronette Pulaski
2:57:40  Ronette’s nightmare

Articles discussed in this episode:
A Journey to the Underworld of Twin Peaks

Reincarnation & The Return Part 3: Ding. Dong. Cooper’s Dead


Production by Mitch Proctor and Area 42 Studios and Sound
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Season 2 ep. 1 "May the Giant Be With You"
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